The Inflated Head of Columbus, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Inflatable Head of Columbus (2006) parodies a failed Christopher Columbus monument in Puerto Rico. The statue, designed by Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli, was rejected by several U.S. cities before arriving in Cataño, Puerto Rico, costing the town millions in shipping alone. However, finances collapsed, the Mayor of Cataño (Edwin “el Amolao” Sierra) resigned for psychological reasons and the controversial project was never erected.

Today, Columbus lies fragmented among thousands of pieces of bronze, deteriorating in an outdoor lot next to the Bacardi Factory in Cataño.

The principal feature of the statue had been the giant Head. Commemorating the 500-year anniversary of the Death of Christopher Columbus (May 20, 2006), I installed an inflatable replica in the Plaza Colón of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.